Private Tarot Lessons, Private Energy Healing.. Training..

Learn to Work on yourself using your energy on yourself and others through a process of techniques.

Learn how to read Tarot with over 10 decks.

Call for more information.

Energy Healings-Heal yourself, mind, body and soul.

30 step sessions

Healing Energy sessions.

To Your Health-W/NLP

USe NLP to strengthen your mind.

Strategic mind exercises to change your life and achieve goals.

Hypnosis: Access Your Inner Mind & Spirit.

1 hour sessions of Hypnotherapy.

Intro Questionnaire 


& Follow up.

Past Life Regression

Intro Questionnaire 

Private Session 2 hours per visit.

& Follow up

1-6 sessions depending how much you want to know.

FULL  DETAIL on Descriptions Page.

Guidance-Connect with Your Guides

In Love, Relationships, Family, Business/career, Financial.

Get to know your guides or get the Guidance you need.

Tarot, Ruins, Channeling.

Highest Rated

Readings $100/hr

Intuitive business counsel  Soul investment=$200,includes an outline.

Open the Chakras- Investment =$100

Past Life Regression $250 for 2 hours, $325 for 3 hours, 4hr $400

 Career Guidance =$200; $200 for plan

Business Coach

Energy work =$100

Monthly workshops= $25 

Neuro Linguistic Programming= $300

House Clearings=Call for home or business size

Total shift program $500


What We dont do....

Psycho Therapy

Hand out prescriptions to drugs

Disclaimer:  All above practices are alternative,  guided self healing and/or facilitated self help improvement programs.